Monika Mayer

Monika is a visual artist who lives and works in Berkeley, CA. The lockdown during the pandemic provided her time to establish and deepen a regular creative practice, allowing her to explore, play, and push her boundaries, while expanding her visual vocabulary. Monika’s work is often inspired by nature as well as phenomena that she

Dana Zed

Statement: I make art to try to understand the relationship between the physical relative world and the absolute timeless world. Bio: Dana Zed has been exhibiting art in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years. She has been collected by the Oakland Museum, The de Young Museum, the Corning Museum of Glass in

Christine Rossi

Story telling through images that raise spontaneously in the mind. Stories caught in the telling emerge onto the paper and create something that is open to interpretation by the viewer… The images of birds, and other creatures as well as beings from the imagination populate the latest paintings and drawings. Paintings in gouache and mixed

jean sanchirico

Using chalk pastel, I examine each landscape with great concentration, finding nuances of color and shape that help me decode some of the magic of nature that appeals to our souls. These works celebrate the vibrant yet delicate natural climate balance that surrounds us. They afford the passerby an actual expansion and transformational experience that

Natalie Schrik

Natalie Schrik is a Oakland-based visual storyteller and socially engaged artist. She documents individuals, families and communities in the and collaborates with artists in design. As a second-generation Filipina-American in a mixed-race family, she has a humanistic approach to photography, collaboration and art making.

Emma Hirst

Emma Hirst (b. 1988) is a representational oil painter based out of Oakland, Calif., where she was born and raised. Emma has always had a passion for drawing and painting, and has been drawn towards realism for as long as she can remember. Having a mother who is a full-time artist, Emma was fortunate enough

Grace Wang

I am amazed by the power of a drawing or a painting possess. It conveys deeper meaning that our eyes can perceive. No matter how mundane an object is, art provides us an opportunity to interpret things differently. As an artist, our medium (charcoal/graphite/brush) and point of view create a perspective of experience and fleeting

Jennifer Jang

Jennifer Jang is known for her dark and expressive paintings. Exploring the the brevity of life is a key theme in her work. She is inspired by youth and nature. She also uses the transparent nature of watercolor to give her work a haunting but luminous quality. Based in the Bay Area, Jennifer studied at

Houyee Chow-Jimenez

Houyee is a queer biracial multidisciplinary artist and educator from San Jose, CA. She earned her bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University in Studio Art with a minor in Philosophy. During the day, she works at a non-profit teaching youth and young adults about arts, tech, media, and creativity. Houyee dedicates her evenings and

Olivia Chen

Olivia studied BFA in Fine Art Painting and Drawing at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She received a “Specialty Award” from the Academy of Art University and was featured in North Light Book’s competition Strokes of Genius 5 : Best of Drawing / Composition, 2013. In 2017, Olivia and her partner, John CC

Deborah Schilling

I am a figurative artist that was born in Cuba. I came to the United States in 1960. Studied at The School Of Visual Arts. I love painting people and children. These paintings represent children that were being held in immigration. I am an immigrant and I came in 1960. I was given the opportunities

Susan Chuang

My work is about the figure in space. I am interested in anatomy, color, light and how the paint is applied. I work from life, photo, memory and imagination.

Yolanda Cotton Turner

Yolanda is an Oakland Visual Artist and Fine Art Printmaker working in Alameda. She attended California State University, Hayward (1988-1992) to study music, and there, she was introduced to lithography where she instantly fell in love with the laborious, mind-bending, and magnificently serendipitous processes of fine art printmaking. Experimental by nature, Yolanda often creates with

Patricia Rojas-Zambrano

Patricia Rojas-Zambrano, M.A., LMFT, Doctoral Candidate in Education. Patricia is an artist, activist, psychotherapist, and educator with over 25 years of clinical experience in community mental health and adult education. Informed and inspired by my work as a therapist and educator with immigrant and refugee communities where I experience firsthand the struggles and triumphs of

Jillian Shea

Figurative painter Jillian Shea (she/they) creates images of herself and those closest to her in luscious oils, pulling from the tradition of romantic realism. Her practice is a diary through which she works out issues of gender and sexuality, memories, and relationships. Their recent work deals mostly with self portraits in the nude or semi-nude,


The pieces are done with dry pastel, usually on BFK Rives printmaking paper. The amazing color range available in dry pastels has been important to me. My work deals with objects (new to me or old favorites) that I observe in detail. The composition can be formal or seemingly casual – a glimpse caught in

Melissa Mohammadi

My meticulously observed drawings and prints on paper range in size from 7’ long immersive watercolor and pastel botanical landscapes to handheld, exquisitely cut and layered tunnel books. My time spent studying medieval manuscripts and tapestries as an assistant to a book conservator, during research travels in Europe and Turkey, and as a graduate studio