Kim Cardoso

I am a loud person who makes quiet art. I savor the craft-like method of encaustic painting in a meditative exploration of landscape and emotion. Relating to my formal training as a metalsmith and working with my hands as a midwife, I love the physicality of wax, pigments, hand tools, and fire. I know my

Denise Owen

ARTIST”S BIO Denise Owen is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in Oakland, CA. Born in Johnstown, PA, she earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture, was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Ivory Coast, and is Professor Emeritus of Art and Interior Design at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA. She discovered her

Deborah Schilling

I have been an artist almost all of my life.  I was born in Havana Cuba and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  I then moved to Miami Beach, Florida where I lived till 2013.  I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. You could call me an Urban Caribbean artist.  Cuba and the Caribbean have

Elly Momi

My art expresses the beauty I see – in florals, landscapes, animals, and momentary mystical insights – some in response to challenging situations. I hope it inspires you to breathe and connect to the beauty you sense in your world. Artist CV: + Cooper Union program for gifted art students, 1968 + A.A. in Art

Vida Pavesich

Vida Pavesich makes digital collages based on her photographs of children, forests, oceans, sunsets, polluted environments, and more. She teaches philosophy at the University of San Francisco and maintains an art practice. She has been profoundly affected by teaching environmental ethics the past few years. She relished diving into the literature, not knowing how much

Alicia Dunn

licia Dunn, b. 1960, Havana, Cuba. A visual artist, Alicia creates spirited paintings which capture the energy of the natural world. The work achieves a luminosity that is both invigorating and serene. Raised in Brooklyn, she currently lives and paints in Oakland. Alicia’s first career was in advertising. Once she picked up a paint brush

Stephen Gerstman

For many years I painted, mainly oils on canvas, spending more time on it in recent years. I’ve had shows in the Bay Area, open studios, and an on-line gallery. My work has a feel of outsider art, art brut. Most of it is figurative, sometimes whimsical, sometimes not.

Pat Wipf

Pat’s large scale DRY PASTEL PAINTINGS show her fascination with colors, textures and details of the wonderful objects in her world. Please note that Pat Wipf will be having a “moving her studio” sale during open studios including art books, and discount on artwork.

Bernadette Robertson

Bernadette is a self-taught painter, intrigued by exploring the properties of light and texture primarily with oil on canvas. A published writer, Bernadette strives to communicate feelings and emotions through visual and language media. Bernadette has been painting as a professional visual artist for more than twenty years. Bernadette says, “Two-dimensional work is an exciting

TC Moore

TC Moore is a painter and musician who was born in Alabama, grew up in the Midwest, and has been based in Oakland/SF since 2007. Moore’s work explores recurring themes of identity and existentialism that are present in our existence. Their work combines disparate elements to create a harmonious whole. Often featuring fragmented figures, distorted

Annie Tull

Annie Tull (b. 1990, Wilmington, Delaware) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Oakland, California. Best known for her serene oil-and-string paintings on canvas as well as impossibly ethereal rope installations, Tull’s work is distinguished by a unique aesthetic sensibility that transcends any one medium and speaks to a diverse range of subject matters. Often

Lucy Ames

For Lucy Ames, creating a painting is a little bit like a walk in the woods. She approaches her art with a sense of adventure, using experimental techniques along with her tried and true methods, but always hoping for a delightful discovery. A key component of her art is the use of tree silhouettes. These

Christine Rossi

2024 Artist statement: Christine approaches the blank paper or canvas with an openness that allows images and stories of the natural world, both seen and unseen, to emerge. Images reflecting the nature of reality and inner landscape are balanced with touches of humor and fantasy in gouache on paper, charcoal or mixed media on paper

Joyce Ertel Hulbert

Joyce Ertel Hulbert is a multi-disciplinary artist working in drawing, collage and assemblage, prints, tapestry, and archive. Joyce’s work has a Zen quality and can be seen as contemplative in nature. Found objects and layers of construction add density and intrigue to her explorations. Artwork is both for wall and space display. In the current

Jenn Doyle Crane

Jenn Doyle Crane is an artist, curator, creative connector and maker, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has spent her life working in the visual arts. Her paintings and mixed-media installations are imaginary entanglements of the natural and made world. Always based in wonder and awe. Sometimes mixed with wax. She curates and

Amy Burek

Amy Burek is a printmaker and book artist whose work explores how science and technology have shaped the way we interact with each other, express our emotions, and perceive ourselves. Her publishing project Awkward Ladies Club focuses on memoir, knowledge-sharing, and other non-fiction works. Her books have been collected by the Whitney Museum Library, the