Karina Racz

I’m a self-taught artist and illustrator, drawing inspiration from nature, fairy tales, and everyday magic. Energized by vibrant colors, I love to play in all kinds of mediums, especially watercolor, acrylic, and chalk pastel. My work is best described as “enchanted realism.” I create out of a gorgeous studio shared with 7 other women artists,

Michelle S. Fillmore

Michelle S Fillmore is a photorealistic painter based in the Bay Area. She grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and graduated with a BA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2015. Fillmore’s paintings are autobiographical metaphors. Having grown up with a family member that wrestled with mental illness, her

Linda Dittes

I have been painting for ten years now since retirement and enjoy painting outdoor landscapes concentrating on light and warmth. Graduate of the Maryland Institute of Art My artwork can be seen at White Barn Home in Lafayette

Yameng Lee Thorp

Bio Yameng Lee Thorp (b. 1982) is an Oakland, California based artist. In the early 90s, she moved with her family to South Africa, where she spent much of her formative years between Durban and Cape Town. Growing up in South Africa revealed many juxtapositions; between her own Chinese cultural heritage and that of Africa,

Xiao He

Originally from Chengdu, China, and currently based in San Francisco, Xiao He is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on drawing and artists’ books. Xiao He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Xiao’s works have been exhibited internationally at venues including the 2022 Art Capital in

Mary Witkop Coffield

I began my foray into abstract painting by translating shapes and patterns viewed under the microscope during my career as a scientist onto the canvas. As an oil painter I produce both abstract and figurative work, often rich in biomorphic imagery. I experiment with a variety of Implements and techniques to apply paint onto large

Annie Artell

My art is a personal and diaristic reflection of my daily experiences and familial lineage, merging elements of ancestry, religion, and storytelling.

Joe Gegan

My interest is in building paintings from intuition, allowing my hand to work one step faster than I think I can control – always searching, moving, finding as I feverishly edit and re-edit until I achieve completeness. I find painting to be a physical way of thinking, an internal discourse made concrete. Recently, I have

Kelly Dunagan

Artist Bio: Kelly Dunagan is a painter and photographer originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She received her B.A. in studio art from Stanford University in 2004. She has exhibited in the United States, Ireland, and England, and was a member of Magdalen Road Studios in Oxford, UK, from 2011-2013. She lives in Berkeley, California, with

Carla Golder

My work is about aspects of the African Diaspora and focuses on African-American women. It is about the journey from forced migration, the anguish and torment of being captives, and the ongoing battle to find our place of belonging in a hostile environment. I am guided by ancestral voices that, sometimes through dreams, tell me

Stephen Ruby

Stephen discovered clay in 2004 at City College San Francisco via the potters wheel and never looked back. Working as a lab tech provided him with a wealth of information and experience in and around the ceramic studio. He then moved to Brooklyn, NY where he worked as a studio assistant, instructor and employee at

Maria Tuttle

I live and work in Richmond, CA where I am an educator, writer and artist of color. A graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, I am proud of the solid foundation of technical training that I earned as an undergraduate and that continues to inform my identity as an artist and educator. In addition

Emma Fenton-Miller

Emma is an artist and educator based in Oakland, CA, currently making work in papercut, enamel and natural pigment craft / painting. Her work explores relationship and belonging in human and more-than-human realms and the alienation built into the systems of our time. For her, making artwork is a practice of noticing and experiencing the

terry furry

Biography My family’s business is cutting down trees. Tumbling down giant Douglas Firs, blasting away at serene landscapes, and leaving behind barren hillsides is what put food on our table. Being a lumberman and being good at Sports were the skills most valued in my family; skills I never desired to master. My childhood refuge was seeking solitude and

Nisha Ajmani

Nisha makes her home in the San Francisco Bay area and is very much influenced by the urban and nature scape of her geography. Her watercolor and acrylic paintings are eclectic in both style and subject, ranging from realism to abstraction, from florals to food to a reinterpreted wet evening in the Noe Valley district

Raymond L. Haywood

Biography Raymond received his BFA from the University of California at San Diego and his MFA from San Francisco State University. He has over a decade of teaching experience from high school to community college. He is currently a high school Construction Technologies Instructor at Freedom High School in Oakley CA. He is also a