Have We Destroyed Ourselves Yet? #5

Maryly Snow

December 2 and 3, 11am-5pm

Oakland-born Maryly Snow, online at www.snowstudios.com, has been making art since childhood. She took a couple of art classes at UCBerkeley (Elmer Bischoff, George Miyasaki) and Cal State East Bay when it was called Cal State Hayward (Kenjilo Nanao) but never learned so-called "art speak". Most of her contemporary visual work focuses on the intersection between art and science or art and climate. Snow uses either strong color or bold black and white. Snow has been a member of the long-lived international organization California Society of Printmaking since 1990 (now in its 110th year). She is a retired Emeritus Librarian from UC Berkeley, and lives in Oakland with her two cats and three beehives. Maryly welcomes your visit to her Filbert Street Studio, where she had lived between 1992-2012 before moving her domicile to Rockridge. She has maintained Happy Cat Press (a beautiful turquoise metallic-flake) Griffen Press since 1996. She became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in 2015, and teaches Zentangles whenever 4 or more people want a class. She loves to lead collaborative drawing sessions with 4 or 5 kids, grandparents, and parents. Filbert Street Studios, once home for Ad Art made neon signs for freeways (remember the Sherwin Williams Cover the Earth beauty at the Emeryville shoreline?) is a lovely complex of 15 condominiums just 10 blocks south of Emeryville near San Pablo Ave. Maryly serves on Kala Art Institute's Advisory Committee, and meets weekly with the Addison Street Writers Circle, now in its 14th year where their annual book "Berries From Brambles" is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore through IngramSpark. In addition to original art, she'll also have "stocking stuffers"—small ready to hang reproductions, note cards for serious occasions, terriic pot holders, and maybe even honey from her small apiary.

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$15 - $2500
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3016 Filbert Street #14, Oakland, CA
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