Christine Rossi

2024 Artist statement:
Christine approaches the blank paper or canvas with an openness that allows images and stories of the natural world, both seen and unseen, to emerge. Images reflecting the nature of reality and inner landscape are balanced with touches of humor and fantasy in gouache on paper, charcoal or mixed media on paper and canvas.
Images arise spontaneously from the mind or that appear in nature, populate current work. Stories caught in the telling emerge onto the paper and create something that is open to interpretation by the viewer…
Colorful and naive images of birds, flowers, and other creatures as well as beings from the imagination populate paintings and drawings.
Paintings in gouache and mixed media, drawings in charcoal. Prints and cards available.

Christine Rossi lives in Berkeley CA and maintains a studio in Berkeley. Christine practices art, meditation, and beekeeping as well as being an advocate for the natural world. In keeping with the approach of openness and to bring more fun into her life she is also employed as a freelance Party Artist bringing Art and magic to group events of all ages.

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$5 to $2000
Studio or Exhibition Space Address
Sawtooth Building 2547 Eighth Street,Studio 31, Berkeley, California, USA
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