Create A New EBOS Profile (video)

Watch a screen recording showing step by step instructions for creating your EBOS profile and listing. Written guidelines with screenshots below.

Create A New EBOS Profile (written)*

*Returning artists review information under “Returning Artists”

1. Click “Login” from the menu and be taken to register for an EBOS account. You’ll only need to do this once
2. Choose “Sign Up” to register
3. Add your account information
4. Navigate back to the “Login” section and click the button to be taken to the log-in screen

Select Your Plan

5. Once you register, navigate to “Select Your Plan” and begin creating your profile.

Create Or Update Your Profile

6. Fill out ALL of the fields. Be sure to add in the weekends you are participating and your hours
  • Artist Statement and Bio should be no more than one or two paragraphs, up to 300 words total
  • Participating weekends; choose the weekend you will be participating in. If participating in both weekends choose “Both Weekends”.
  • Artwork Category NOTE; when adding more than one category (drawing, photography, painting, etc) the platform prioritizes the primary, or first, category chosen as the “searchable” category. In other words, your profile may not show up in searches for “drawing” if you added “painting” as the primary category. We recommend that you choose one primary category and provide information in the artist statement with regard to other types of artwork you have available. Your primary category will be the one used in the printed guide.
  • Artwork Tags; Choose tags to provide additional information about your artwork to visitors to your profile
  • Add in your studio accessibility; “Wheelchair Accessible”, “Elevator Access”. If your studio is not accessible to differently abled, please note this as well; “Not Wheelchair Accessible”.
  • Add in languages spoken; if you only speak English, add “English”.
  • Add Price ranges for your artwork;
    • $XX – $XXX Format

Add Your Studio Location

  • List the full address of the location where you are showing your work. If you do not include the full name of the space, full address, city and zip code you run the risk of not showing up properly on the digital map
  • IMPORTANTIf you are showing in a multi artist studio or workspace ALL of the participating artists MUST use the same address and naming convention for the space in order for all artists to show up in the same area on the digital map. Include the full name of the space, full address, city and zip code.
  • Double check that the icon is showing up in the correct place. If not, try adding in additional information, like studio name, zip code, etc.
7. Update timezone, add your city AND your exhibition address

Add Images

  • Upload 5 images to give visitors a sense of your full body of work. Consider uploading a variety of images showing details of your work and your work “in-situ”. You will want visitors to get a sense of scale. 
  • Best image formats are jpegs or png files
  • Images must be Landscape/Horizontal Image orientation, 1080 x 720 pixels
  • Aspect ratio = 3:2 Rectangle
  • Maximum cumulative total upload size for all image files is 2.00 MB.
  • The website will “FIT” your image within the container. You may see a white border around your image if it was scaled to fit within the image container
  • Please include your full name in the title of your image and the number of image. This helps with image search. For instance;
    • Jane_Doe_1, Jane_Doe_2, Jane_Doe_3
8. Add in 5 images for a TOTAL file size of 2MB

Add Contact Info/Save Your Profile

9. Add in Social, Email and Website links. Read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. Click “Agree” and then preview your profile.
10. If it looks good hit “Continue” or go back and edit.

Make A Payment

11. Pay the Participation fee chosen at the beginning of the process. Once your payment is processed and your profile is reviewed and approved it will be “Live” on the website. Generally within 48 hours.

Returning Artists

Review the registration steps above if you need information when updating your current profile

1. Returning artists log into your account dashboard. Hit the “edit” button, review your listing and make updates to copy or photographs as needed.
2. If you need to pay upcoming participation fees choose the “more” button and then “pay now” to be taken to the list of participation fee options.
3. Choose the event you are registering for and click “change”
4. Make your payment to to secure your participation in the event.

Take lots of photos and maybe even some video:

Relax, have fun and enjoy the experience!

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