What are the dates for the 2019 event?

Saturday, June 1  •  6 pm – 9 pm

Oakland Scottish Rite Center – Grand Ballroom
1547 Lakeside Dr., Oakland on the shores of Lake Merritt

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Region 1: Bayside Cities – cities that run along the bay.
Saturday, June 8 and 9  •  11 am – 6 pm

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Region 1: Bayside Cities – cities that run along the bay.
Region 2: 680 Corridor – cities that run along or closer to Hwy 680.

* Artists from both Region 1 AND Region 2 have the option of participating in Weekend 2.

Saturday, June 15 and 16  •  11 am – 6 pm 

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Region 2: 680 Corridor – cities that run along or closer to Hwy 680.
Saturday, June 22 and 23  •  11 am – 6 pm

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Who is invited to participate in the East Bay Open Studios Event?

Any artist working in any visual medium at any level of their career who has a studio or show space in Alameda County or Contra Costa County is invited to participate in the event. This is a non-juried event giving all visual artists in the East Bay an equal opportunity to show and sell their work to the public and to experience the event. 

Do I have to participate in two weekends?

No. The minimum requirement is participation in Weekend 1 or Weekend 3 depending on your location. The Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition and Bonus Weekend 2 are optional and can be added on when you register.

Can I just participate in Weekend 2?

No. We have simplified the format so there is less confusion for the public. Either Weekend 1 OR Weekend 3 is mandatory and Weekend 2 is optional. 

How much does it cost to participate?

Early Bird Registrations are available until February 1 and are $159 for Weekend 1. Full price registration begins February 2 and ends March 1 and is $179. The optional Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition is $20 and the optional Bonus Weekend 2 is $20. No Early Birds are offered for either of the options. There is no longer a “membership fee” since the event is a stand-alone event.

What do I get in return for my registration fee?

When you register for the event, you receive a full artist listing on the website and in the printed guidebook with descriptive text that you supply, an image of your art, your email, phone and website address and a dot on both the Google map for the event as well as the map in the printed guidebook. You will also have the option of picking up printed marketing materials for your own use. Digital files of our poster and drop cards are also supplied to you for your own promotions. A minimum of 8,000 printed guidebooks will be distributed throughout the East Bay in targeted areas. Artist registration fees help to cover the costs of all printed and online marketing materials, advertising, and publicity including posters, drop cards, guidebooks, signage, website, social media marketing, the rental of the venue for the Opening Celebration and other associated costs. 

How long will my artist listing be live on the website?

The artist directories for each year’s event will be made public in mid-March/early April and remain public for about 10 months (until the next year’s roster is established at which point it will be updated for that year’s event).

Where will I be able to pick up guidebooks?

We will set up a date, time frame and location for artists to pick up guidebooks for their own distribution as well for distribution to venues around the East Bay for the public one month before the event begins. Posters and drop cards will also be available. 

How will the event be marketed to the public?

Our budget for marketing depends on the number of artists who register for the event. Once a budget is determined, we will be advertising in print (newspapers including the East Bay Express, newspapers in other targeted areas of the SF Bay Area, performing arts programs/playbills and other publications targeted at reaching art collectors and art enthusiasts) – and online including Facebook where ads reach very targeted audiences more quickly and efficiently than in print. Posters will be posted and drop cards will be left at venues along with stacks of guidebooks around the East Bay and parts of San Francisco. Publicity campaigns will run prior and during the event for potential media coverage. The event will also be listed in numerous “calendar of events” online. Individual artists should also market their participation in the event to their fans and followers. The more cross-promotion that takes place, the more it will benefit everyone. 

If I have to cancel, is my registration fee refundable?

Registration fees are non-refundable.

I am a member of an art collective. Are there different artist registration fees for collectives?

No. Registration fees are per individual artist, not per group. However, if a collective has 10 – 15 artists registered for the event, you would then qualify for a free quarter-page ad in the printed guidebook. For 16 – 20 artists you would qualify for a free half-page ad and for 21 or more artists you would qualify for a free full-page ad.

How do I indicate during registration that I am part of a collective?

In the registration form, you will be asked if you are part of a collective and to name it.

I want to share my space with another artist. Do they have to pay a registration fee as well?

Yes. Artist registrations are per artist, not per venue or location. You must agree to our terms and conditions in order to participate in the event. This subject is covered in our terms and conditions

Do I have to do a live demonstration during my open studio?

No. You are not obligated to do any live demonstrations. However, it is encouraged because it will draw more attention to your show and hopefully inspire sales. The public enjoys and is inspired by live demonstrations as it gives them a unique experience at open studio events. 

How do I submit my text and images for my artist listings?

Use this form to submit your materials by the March 1 deadline. 

Will there be any kind of portable wall, or screen or partition to hang art on available in the main room, or will I need to bring something to hang my work on? 

Is up to each artist to bring everything they need for their display at the Opening. We recommend an easel or two, a small table, and chair. All materials must have rubber feet or you must bring a small rug to protect the floor. Battery-operated lights may be used to highlight your work. You can Google “battery operated picture lights” to find them online. An artist number and name sign will be supplied to you at the venue.

Will there be any kind of sign provided which I can place in my yard, etc. to let people know I’m participating in the event?

Yes, we will be providing all kinds of signage (numbers, arrows, logos, etc.) for the artists to download and have printed at Kinkos/Office Max, etc. for street corners, along roadways, in front of your studios/homes, etc. The branding and consistency of these signs will be recognizable by visitors making it easier to find you.

Is Pro Arts still involved with the event?

Pro Arts is no longer officially involved in the East Bay Open Studios Event. We are grateful for the support and assistance that Pro Arts and their staff has provided to us during the transition. 
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