Sally K. Smith

I create charcoal from unique materials such as money, food, documents and plants. These materials have meanings that I can integrate into a drawing or painting. I have developed methods for applying these unconventional charcoals to surfaces. Most of my charcoal pieces are minimalist and conceptual. Some revolve only around pattern or gesture. The materials become a partner in my artistic process.
Many of my large oil paintings explore patterns. My patterns are largely freehand and evolve as I create them. By remaining flexible with my intentions I can decide which elements of a pattern should move forward. I also create figurative paintings. These are tethered in the world around us. I build up my paintings with several layers. This creates an engaging vibration and uncertainty. I like my figurative paintings to hover between the real and the dream. As such, old found photos often provide inspiration. I also paint landscapes related to travel.

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Weekend Two, June 8 and 9, 11am - 5pm
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2848 Forest Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA
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German, English
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