Mojgan Saberi

Open Studios Hours May 13/14, 11:00am to 5:00pm

Bay Area visual artist Mojgan Saberi is an Iranian-American multidisciplinary artist and educator. She obtained her architecture and urban planning and fine arts degree in United States.
Her passion and inspiration in her art comes from lucid poetry, nature’s purity, and simplicity with complex relations to human interactions.
Elements of geometry, form, contours, and vibrant colors have always been present in her design concepts to create dreamlike contexts, scenery, and moods.
Working across multi disciplines, she uses photography, painting, and digital print-media techniques to create perplexing imagery morphed within her art.
Mojgan expresses her passion for nature and earth in Kiln-formed Glass art, Painting & Photography.
Her work has been exhibited at various galleries across the Bay Area, New York City, and at Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum of Japan.
She is currently part of the faculty at The Crucible in Oakland teaching Kiln Formed Glass Art.

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Firehouse Gilman Village Art Studios, Ninth Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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