Michelle Hou

In my work, I seek to capture the essence of a single moment. I like to provoke emotions, to compel my viewer to see the inner workings of their own consciousness and invite them to consider the emotions they find, within my work. My paintings reflect my desire to engage in an emotional exchange with my viewer.
I approach my work with a ‘come as you are’ philosophy. I bring my emotions, without censoring, into the studio. I find, complex and uncomfortable emotions can be the most beautiful on canvas. When I paint, I stand over and close to my canvas. It gives me the feeling of being within the frame, a oneness with the painting. I often paint with tools that feel heavy in my hands – trowels, spatulas, squeegees, and large pallet knives; they keep me grounded, connected to the moment and my work.

Location and Contact Information

Participating Weekends
Artwork Price Range
$100 - $5,000
Studio or Exhibition Space Address
Norton Factory Studios, 3094 E 10th St, Oakland, CA 94601
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