Julie Cohn

Artist Statement
"I’m excited to tell you about three series I’m working on. The first is about the landscapes that emerge out of my subconscious with the flow of watercolor. My reverence for landscapes blossoms onto paper in a spontaneous way, and I work on small and large scale pieces that I call Spontaneous Landscapes. Another is called Infinity, in which I explore, through layers of geometric forms, that we live in an infinite universe full of possibility. I am also enamored with rainforests, which have inspired me to look at the biodiversity within these ecosystems. By painting my Rainforest series, I am learning more about the treasures they hold, from plants to insects and animals to complete weather systems that effect our lives. I am getting a clear picture of why preserving them is essential to our well being. During Open Studios I share my studio/gallery with Sara Frucht whose art is very dynamic and colorful, and created on the computer in the form of video and still images." - Julie Cohn

Julie Cohn is a nationally known artist who supports sustainability of self and the world through creativity. She has a blog called SUSTAIN CREATIVELY on her on line gallery website: www.sustainingarts.com, wherein she educates on art and life sustainability practices. Continually pushing beyond conventional methods of watercolor, Julie elevates this medium to the national stage through exhibiting her own paintings and inspiring students as a teacher at the college level. Her many museum and gallery exhibits led her to founding Sustaining Arts (https://www.sustainingarts.com) an in-person and online gallery exhibiting her own art and the works of three other established women artists. With a commitment to making the world a better place, Julie donates 30% of all gallery sales to Habitat for Humanity.

Location and Contact Information

Participating Weekends
Artwork Price Range
$20 - $4800
Studio or Exhibition Space Address
Sawtooth Building, 930 Dwight Way, Suite 10A
Social Media Platforms
Languages Spoken
English, French
Accessibility Information
Wheelchair Accessible.