Janet Lee Smith

As a child in a small, rural New England town, my family exposure to art was color-books and crayons. I feel I was guided by the Universe when I became friends in high school with a young woman who came from a family of artists. After attending the Philadelphia College of Art, I spent 18 years as a Graphic Designer.

I now have a studio where I create original Floorcloths (painted canvas used as a floorcovering), paintings on furniture for clients, and Fine Art. My latest series is called “Breaking the Boundaries” with paintings of leaves going off the edge of the canvas and floating up the walls. It encourages all to allow their natural talents to flourish and to break any self-imposed boundaries. Nature dominates my work. I also teach Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign through the Berkeley Adult School

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Sawtooth Building 2547 8th Street, Studio 24B Berkeley
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