Guillermo Navarrete Davis

I am a self-taught painter born and raised in Santiago de Chile, and have lived in the Bay Area since 1998. I am an admirer of Dali, Gustav Klimt and the Great Impressionists, but dedicate my talent to a more realistic style, meticulously working in fine details. I use an ancient technique of mixing colors by painting the oils over wet layers on the canvas.
As an indigenous Latino, who has always been drawn to marginalized peoples, my work focuses on their often overlooked stories. The realism, the purity, and the sincerity of the sentiment expressed in the faces of my subjects are my source of inspiration. My paintings reflect life's realities; suffering, love, struggle, joy, loneliness, tenderness and vulnerability. Above all, I enjoy painting images that tell a story about the truth, resilience, and depth of humanity.

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560 2nd Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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English and Spanish
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