Dan McGarrah

Dan McGarrah grew up near Philadelphia. At age 25 he came out to Brooks Institute Of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. Subsequent to graduating from Brooks, he had a career in advertising photography. Transitioning past that career, he decided that he would create abstract art using his own methodology. Starting with photos he takes of plants or leaves, then doing extensive PhotoShop manipulation to create dramatic photo-based abstract artworks. Then offers limited edition canvas and paper prints.
Permanent mental effects from a severe Grand Mal Seizure in 2020 have increased McGarrah’s proclivity for abstraction. Now all this world is a bit abstract for him; sometimes feeling like a 'stranger in a strange land’. He currently has a Live/Work space in the Jingletown Arts District in Oakland.

I create abstract artwork that is reflective of various mental activities. There is a time-period, however brief, during which conscious thoughts take shape. At midway points through this process, there are just amorphous pre-thoughts - they are unformed. My ‘Unformed Thoughts’ artworks are reflective of such conscious thoughts still forming. My ‘Subliminal Processing’ artworks are reflective of subconscious mental activity that is completely uncontrolled, and difficult to interpret. My ‘Outer Territories’ artworks are reflective of various ‘places’ that we can’t physically, or logically go to. Our imagination transports us to them. The title I give to each is the metaphorical ‘place’ that the artwork represents.
For all, I strive to create timeless artwork that has strong emotional and/or intellectual impact. To quote, and echo, the sentiment of renowned artist Cecily Brown - “I have always wanted to make paintings that grab and hold your attention”.

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$120 - $2200
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417 Peterson Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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Wheelchair Accessible