Wilma Wyss

Wilma began creating abstract sculptures in concrete and mosaic in 2007. Her art practice takes her in two complementary directions: fine art mosaics and commissions for public and private spaces.
Wilma's award-winning mosaic sculptures and wall hung work have been shown nationally. Site specific mosaic artwork has been commissioned by Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and Center for Art Esteem in Oakland. She has created and installed mosaics in bathrooms, kitchens and gardens in Bay Area private residences. Wilma has designed, fabricated and installed numerous outdoor mosaics in public parks in the San Francisco Area.

Artist Statement
My mosaic artwork is a reflection of my life experiences. Themes I’m currently exploring relate to feminine energy and presence, authenticity and connection. My compositions are primarily abstract, with nuanced colors and varied textures. My inspiration comes from outdoor spaces, particularly the Northern California landscape. Being in nature gives me time to focus my thoughts and see things in a new light, conceptually and physically. In my sculptural work, I play with associations of softness, comfort, and lightness, while simultaneously expressing the seemingly contradictory properties of hardness, discomfort, and weight. As I construct a whole out of many small pieces I continually look for clarity of vision and harmony.

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$80 - $2400
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1044 Sierra Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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