Trina Anderson

I'm a painter and printmaker based in Oakland, California, where I've made my home for more than three decades. However, my roots trace back to an early age where I grew up on the shores of a Minnesota lake. This blend of urban life and a deep connection to nature shapes my artistic journey and fuels my quest to find beauty and meaning in all things and all places. .

My creative focus centers on the exploration of the objects and structures crafted, utilized, and often discarded and overlooked by humanity. I'm endlessly intrigued by the stories they hold. My artistic mission is to capture their narratives through my prints and paintings. Each piece begins with layers of drawings and written reflections, forming the foundation from which paintings are built. Shape, color, and line work together to express the history and nature of the subject. It's my way of inviting others to see the beauty and stories concealed within the forgotten and the ordinary.

The space is accessible to all. It will be held outside in the side yard.

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$20 - $1,250
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5240 Shafter Avenue, Oakland, CA, USA
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