Terri Scheid

Terri Scheid began her career as a ceramic artist as a young girl in the backyard of her family’s southern Ohio home: she mined her own clay from the veins (of clay) found in the mud after heavy rainstorms, pinched some pots, and baked them on top of the shed in the hot summer sun. Unfortunately, none of her early work has survived. Upon earning a B.F.A. with a ceramics concentration from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, Terri’s adventurous spirit eventually brought her out West to Utah. The sheer magnificence of the West and a SCUBA trip to Cozumel inspired her next series of ceramic work. She exhibited and sold her work at regional shows and galleries. Working at a shared studio space in Utah, Terri unexpectedly discovered another life’s calling: teaching. Beginning a new chapter in her life, Terri moved to San Francisco where she earned her California teaching credential at SFSU. She is a National Board Certified Art Teacher and has been teaching art in San Francisco public elementary schools since 2004. While teaching full time and staring a family, Terri took a break from her ceramic work to experiment in mixed media basketry. She has exhibited her basketry in several Bay Area shows, and one of her pieces is part of the permanent collection at Ruth’s Table in San Francisco. Eventually, Terri returned to her roots in clay in 2018. She also returned to her backyard where she has a teeny tiny studio in the hills east of the San Francisco Bay.

“Just as one may have a relationship with a piece of functional pottery, my current ceramic work is meant to be held and pondered upon as one would hold their favorite mug. The holder of the ceramic ‘stones’ becomes a participant in the art-making and design process by constructing, building, arranging and rearranging the stones to create ‘cairns’. No two stones are exactly alike, and there are many possibilities.”
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