Sarah McAllister

Artist Statement
Connect with every wing, every bud, every breath of wind, the light and the dark to feel absolutely alive.

My paintings are a way to reconnect through nature, like a deep breath, that for a moment nothing else matters than the tingling of our senses, absorbing the shifting color of a single petal, the swoop of a wing, the scent of a rose, or simply the circle of light beyond a tunnel of trees. A chance to escape and be present in the same moment. I often consider whilst walking in the Oakland hills the thin veil that separates us from what we see and the magic that lies just out of sight. I attempt to interpret what is seen and unseen in Nature's dance of life.
I want to bring the power of nature to heal and transcend the viewer especially during times of stress, in particular, grief and loss.

A professional fine artist with a previous career in palliative and cancer nursing care in the UK which continues to influence her work and her view of the world today.

Sarah is an expressive, gestural nature painter who works in acrylics, watercolor and oil.
With a Batchelor of Arts degree in painting with distinction from the California College of the Arts (CCA), Sarah has established herself as an emerging artist in the Bay Area, California.

Sarah's work is collected around the world. She is currently a member of City Art Gallery in San Francisco and the Oakland Art Association. You can see her work represented in group and solo shows in various galleries and venues in the local Bay Area throughout the year. She was also a finalist in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London, UK, in 2022.

Sarah works from her studio in Oakland overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

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Participating Weekends
Both Weekends, June 1,2,8,9, 11am - 5pm
Artwork Price Range
$250 - $3000
Studio or Exhibition Space Address
Uptown Fine Art 473 25th Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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