Sarah McAllister

December 2nd/3rd 11am - 5pm

Artist Statement
If we connect with every wing, every bud, every breath of wind, the light and the dark then we can truly witness Nature's dance of life.
I create paintings that resonate with my understanding of the natural world. Not only what we see but also what we feel: how there is majesty in the ordinary, how there is beauty in every detail if we take a moment to look. Attempting to capture the life force that exists in every single thing.

Acrylic and oil paintings express the extrovert part of myself, and watercolors speak to my quietness within. Spontaneity in the early stages of a painting using color and abstract washes are an important beginning. Writing and journaling play a part in the process as a way to dig deep into the subconscious creative pool. What exists inside is often a surprise, just as the paintings show up on the page. 

The essence of seeing is not just with our eyes, but with all of our senses. It is a thin veil that separates what we see and the magic that lies just out of our sight.

As a natural observer, I want to bring the mystery back into my studio letting it evolve on the page, while considering the cycle of life and death that nature consistently reveals.

About the Artist:
• Expressive nature painter - acrylic, oil and watercolor
• California College of the Arts graduate with distinction
• West London Art School - St Oswalds. UK
• Worldwide collectors
• Bay Area resident for 23 years, originally from the UK
• Previously an oncology nurse which influences her work and view of the world today.
Member of City Arts Gallery, San Francisco.
Oakland Arts Association.
Uptown Fine Art, Oakland

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Studio or Exhibition Space
6607 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA, USA
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