Sara Frucht

Sara Frucht is an artist, programmer and mathematician who has been working in a variety of media for many years. She has always had a fascination for geometry, and when she was in high school, she won a regional award for a presentation on visualizing in four dimensions. She started making generative art in the mid-1990s. She was working on a contract to make Escher-based screen savers when the project was cancelled. She decided to go ahead with creating the screen savers on her own, using Escher’s tiling patterns as a jumping off point for creating randomly generated animating art. She went on to create generative art applications that were shown at concerts and raves in the Bay Area, and were turned into an interactive exhibit at Epcot Center. For the past few years she has been creating web based generative art. She also works in a variety of other media, including laser cut art, acrylic and digital painting, and immersive geometric art structures called “kaleidoscapes”.
"I believe that math can best be understood visually, and that the beauty and elegance of math can be best expressed through art. Rather than using paints and canvas to create my generative art, I use mathematical formulas and computer code. The main tools I use are symmetry, tiling patterns, splines, fractals, color, transparency, and of course, randomness. I also work in a variety of other media, including acrylic and digital painting, laser-cut clothing, jewelry, lamps and sculptures, and immersive mirrored environments I call kaleidoscapes. In all of my art, I am inspired by the purity of form and the luminosity of light and color interacting with it. I believe that the beauty of geometric forms can awaken in us a sense of connection with the physical world at its deepest level."

Location and Contact Information

Participating Weekends
Both Weekends, June 1,2,8,9, 11am - 5pm
Artwork Price Range
$25 - $800
Studio or Exhibition Space Address
Sawtooth Building, 930 Dwight Way suite 10a, Berkeley, California, USA
Languages Spoken
English, French, Hungarian
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