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Sara Frucht

May 13/14, May 20/21

I believe that math can best be understood visually, and that the beauty and elegance of math can be best expressed through art. Rather than using paints and canvas, I use mathematical formulas and computer code to create art. The main tools I use are symmetry, tiling patterns, splines, fractals, color, transparency, and of course, randomness. I also work in a variety of other media, including acrylic and digital painting, laser-cut clothing, lamps and sculptures, and immersive mirrored environments I call kaleidoscapes.

The beauty of geometric forms comes from their ability to awaken in us a sense of connection with the physical world at its deepest level.

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Studio or Exhibition Space
Sawtooth Building, 930 Dwight Way suite 10a, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA
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