Rachel Ungerer

Rachel Ungerer is a Bay Area local disabled queer painter and activist. After developing a chronic pain condition limiting the use of both hands, Ungerer re-trained themself to paint by working with their disabled body. Rachel Ungerer’s art celebrates disabled queer love.

A core theme of Ungerer’s work is mutual care. Ungerer’s paintings depict people with visible and invisible disabilities caring for each other. Disabled people, in community, are each other's accessibility. Ungerer’s paintings consider mutual care and intimacy as inherently connected. By celebrating disabled queer sexuality, their work challenges the way society infantilizes disabled people. Disabled queer people are beautiful and sensual as we are, access needs and all.

Artist's Studios are on the second level of 2727 California St, above the gallery. Enter via the door to the right of the gallery and climb 1 flight of indoor wood steps to the studios.

Location and Contact Information

Participating Weekends
Both Weekends, June 1,2,8,9, 11am - 5pm
Artwork Price Range
$35 - $1,100
Studio or Exhibition Space Address
2727 California Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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