Megan Olson

Most of my work is done in oil on canvas. I like the variety and saturation of color available in oils, as well as the versatility of texture and slow drying time that allows me to take my time, reconsider, and change things. I have a BFA from San Jose State University and an MA from CSU Bakersfield. I have taught art in Fremont for twenty years now, my work has been in various group shows and a few private collections. I currently live in Hayward with my husband, younger son, and a very spoiled dog.
I find beauty in the detail, pattern, and rhythms I notice in nature. I take lots of photos, then work from photos and sketches to build compositions, then I consider colors. Lately, I’ve been interested in showing growth, change, and time in my work; notably the rhythms of the seasons, when leaves grow, flowers bloom, leaves fall off trees, and the branches become bare. I try to celebrate the vibrancy, vitality and beauty of everyday life through my art.

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20898 Locust Street, Hayward, CA, USA
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