Lady Henze

My art has only one basic requirement: color. All of my works are abstract, and color is what unites them. I could categorize my paintings and murals into two different styles of abstract work: one hard edge and the other expressionism. I believe these two different processes allow me to be the dichotomous person that I am- on one hand someone who is (or aspires to be) loose, mellow, meditative, spiritual. And on the other someone who is controlling, meticulous, and rigid and anxious. I work through this duality and explore the particular subsets of each trait in my series and murals. I am breaking generational trauma, and my work also touches on themes of nostalgia, home and community. I’m inspired by street artists, neon signs, tile work, pop culture, movies, music, the candy aisle and the bizarre reality show that is life. I largely title my work after songs and albums- music being a wonderful tie to bind people together and convey some more about my work, intent and the person behind the painting. Behind all my work is my personal struggle with addiction. I paint because I got a second chance at life, because it is the thing that brings me the most joy, and so others know there’s hope.

My murals span the West Coast with a smattering in the East and Midwest. Some recent projects include murals in all four corners of Union Square, SF, a Golden Gate Park mural on JFK Drive, and inclusion in the deYoung Museum Triennial.

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2040 Livingston Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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Accessible- elevator on premise.