Jules Kobelin

Saturday December 2, 11am - 5pm

Light refreshments will be available.
Variety of sizes of originals and Giclee prints available. Great gift ideas including greeting cards.

My intuitive paintings are on the verge of abstraction and realism. 
Figurative realism that was rooted in my past classical training now lends itself towards abstraction. These colorful and energetic abstractions resemble the landscapes of my memories. They breathe their own life as they emerge from the various surfaces and materials I use. My work sits somewhere in space between those overlapping worlds.

I layer acrylic paint with a variety of tools. With a playful mindset I build a rich surface with paint and paper. Then I scrape and sand back layers to reveal an unexpected history beneath. Glazing, drawing and mark making help to bring the subject to its materialization. The problem solving and following the life course of a piece is it’s own unique magical journey.

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Studio or Exhibition Space
1450 Fourth Street, Studio #10, Berkeley, CA, USA
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