Judith T. Irwin

Judith T. Irwin is a visual artist. Her talents lie not only in the visual arts but also in the horticultural. She has a bachelor degree in from California Collage of the Arts, alumni 1996. For 20+ years she has freelanced as a fine maintenance gardener and aesthetic pruner. The combination of the being a visual artist and a horticulturalist have become the inspiration for her shadow paintings.
Artist Statement-
Natures shadows.
These paintings are a reflection of what nature and the sun can produce. Capturing a shadow is a race with time because the earth is always moving toward or away from the sun. Time has stopped moving in these paintings, a still projection of the botanical image. I may return to the same projected shadow for a few times at the same time of day to draw, redraw and photograph the shadow’s details and catch their moment in time.
Shadows captivate me. Why, you might ask? A shadow can be the perfect silhouette of a plant for only a few minutes before it becomes changes under the forever moving sun. I find my inspiration through daily observation of the green living world that surrounds me. Forever searching to capture a crisp delicate projection that inspires a painting, before the shadow becomes distorted by time.
The colors in each painting usually reference the colors of the plants or sometimes the environment around the plant is in.

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Both Weekends, June 1,2,8,9, 11am - 5pm
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2018 Virginia Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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Not wheelchair accessible. Four steps up to get into the studio space.