Joe Dou Draw

I’m Joseph, I’m from Cali but my brother and I were born in Lima, Peru, and were adopted by our American family. We were both babies when we were adopted and my bro and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since. I’m a mellow, cool, nice down-to-earth type dude. I am a graffiti artist and I love drawing, listening to rap and Latin rap music and going along with the flow. I have a learning disability but that doesn’t stop me from anything.

When I make my art I usually draw outside in my backyard while listening to music, sometimes inspired by watching videos or movies. I occasionally make drawings along with the music video I am into and include the title in graffiti and doodle around it.

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Participating Weekends
Weekend One, June 1 and 2, 11am - 5pm
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2114 Carleton Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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Fully Accessible