Jillian Shea

Jillian Shea (she/they) is a realist painter who is interested in light and classical painting techniques. Shea looks to 19th century painters such as Sargent and Waterhouse for inspiration. Their practice evokes a sense of nostalgia, working from personal life and experiences to translate memories into paint. These translations live on as art objects, an ever growing collection of artifacts telling the story of a life. Shea is playing with ideas of ephemera and archiving with her practice. Their practice embodies a wide variety of media, not often mixed. Most of their practice is focused on oil painting, producing the beauty and luminosity consistent with the history of the medium, Shea also produces drawings, watercolors, and prints. The variations of media lend themselves to this collected, ephemeral body of work.

There is a large bay with a ramp leading to the studio, and there is a single step up in the studio. The bathrooms in the building are a bit of a trek from our space.

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$50 - $5,000
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Sawtooth Building 933 Parker Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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Ramp, Single Step