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Jillian Shea

Open Studios Hours Dec. 2 &3 11am - 5pm

Jillian Shea (she/they) began her artistic journey over 10 years ago with photography. She loved viewing the world as an observer, and her passion for reality led her to study realism. Shea would refine her skills over the years with self-portrait studies, showcasing her technical abilities as an artist. She currently works with scenes from daily life, nude and non-nude portraiture, and still life.

Shea works with snapshots to build a very personal visual diary. Constantly watching, she photographs with her phone all the little sweet moments in between. She uses paint to translate the feelings of love, nostalgia and longing. Sometimes working with a memory from a week ago, a night ago, or several years ago. Shea moves through the fragments of her memory with an urgency to memorialize and archive these moments in the permanence and history of oil paint.

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1150 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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