Jill McLennan

McLennan’s new body of work explores nature as it is altered through human impact, migration and climate change. Her paintings, drawings and linoleum block prints in this exhibition represent stories of human and animal migration, the houseless in Oakland. In her work, she explores the cycles of the natural world through narratives of nature’s reckoning and humanity’s challenge to stay afloat.
Jill McLennan is a professional painter and teaching artist, who has been living in Oakland for 22 years. She is an active member of her neighborhood Jingletown, creating and organizing public art and beautification projects and has her studio at Jingletown Art Studios. She recently completed a large-scale public art project with the city of Emeryville. As both an artist and a teacher she is deeply invested in protecting her environment, inspiring the youth and spreading hope and joy into the world.

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$150 - $3,000
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3001 Chapman Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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