Halloran Parry

Halloran Parry is a surrealist and fantasy artist in Alameda who likes finding the comic horror in the mundane challenges of day to day life. She comes from an illustration background and has trained under Jeff Miracola, Aaron Miller, Jonathan Hardesty, and more. Her influences include tabletop roleplaying and card games, video games, N.C. Wyeth, and Frank Frazetta.
Stop by her studio if you want to see what happens when a fantasy illustrator takes up gardening and decides to do paintings of all her garden nemeses. If you've ever learned all new curse words just to express your feelings about invasive blackberries and garden slugs, you and she have a lot to talk about.

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Weekend One, June 1 and 2, 11am - 5pm
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3001 Chapman Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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Wheelchair Accessible, narrow halls