Gustave Carlson

Artist Statement

The ideas that I paint come from the agricultural landscape, particularly barns and farm like cabin architecture. I am drawn to the flat planes of landscape, exploring color and the study of my paintings over time. Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Theibold, Hilary Pecis and Andrew Wyeth are among my strongest influences for my work.

I am fascinated by reimagining the buildings that I present in my paintings as an opportunity for the viewer to re-understand the landscape. A new opportunity to resurrect a new meaning from buildings that are somewhat decayed. I am also fascinated with forgotten farmhouse interiors- older heirloom objects placed in contrast with new objects. This forms a new dialogue for both objects when placed together in interior architecture or interior painting. The landscape to me is a bit like a blanket or wallpaper: both are materials that cover a surface. I am interested in blending both the landscape with an interior scheme idea and I have a forever obsession with chairs. I am fascinated by yard sales and older furniture that you find placed inside or outside in the landscape as if it was forgotten.

I have a Bachelors of Environmental Design from Miami University Oxford Ohio, and a Masters of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania. I studied painting under Adele Alsop at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts. I am the 2023 and 2024 recipient for the Edgewood Farm Artist in Residency Program Truro Center for the Arts. I have painted and lived in Berkeley for 27 years.

Location and Contact Information

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$400 - $1200
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2718 Ninth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA
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