Fumiyo Yoshikawa

Fumiyo Yoshikawa is a highly skilled Japanese artist with a rich background in Japanese art and painting. She honed her craft at Kyoto University of Education and trained under the esteemed lineage of the Shijo Maruyama School with Ikeda Yoson. Drawing inspiration from Zen and Shintoism, Yoshikawa's art seamlessly integrates elements from diverse cultural traditions while remaining faithful to the core principles of the Shijo Maruyama School.
Since 1984, Yoshikawa has showcased her captivating artwork extensively in both Japan and the United States. Her talent has been widely recognized, earning her numerous awards, including the prestigious Best Painting in Show and Best Calligraphy in Show accolades from the Sumi-e Society of America’s Juried Exhibitions.

My art encompasses both representational and abstract paintings, each serving a distinct purpose. In my representational works, I seek to capture the energy inherent in nature, while my abstract pieces are a quest to capture my inner voice. The fascination with the profound cycles of life, the interplay of creatures in the universe, and the intricate ecosystems motivates my creative exploration.
Through my art, I aim to tap into the timeless flow of nature's energy, providing a source of healing for my own mind. Moreover, I create with the intention of sharing these moments of peace with viewers, inviting them to connect with the tranquility and vitality that emanate from the natural world.

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Weekend Two, June 8 and 9, 11am - 5pm
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1021 Broadway Avenue #205A, San Pablo, CA, USA
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English, Japanese, Spanish
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