Filma Collective

Filma Collective is a group of artists who work together to large scale dynamic creative experiences. While each experience is unique, Filma Collective tends to focus their artistic design around four core principles: Immersion, Interaction, Discovery, and Consent. Each art piece is designed specifically to be responsive to the environment and people within the environment, however only respond to the folks who've intentionally chosen to interact with the art. When the community engages with our art, they don't just look - they stay, play, experiment, and connect using their selves in combination with the art for a truly personal experience.

Filma is now a 2 time award winner at the Oakland Lake Merritt Autumn Lights festival. In 2021, Filma Collective took home an award for their interactive piece: Wormhole - a light tunnel with 1800 LEDs that responds to sound. Then, last year for the 2023 festival Filma Collective debuted a new interactive piece called the PF3000 - an interactive wall where folks can design and animate pixel graphics using their hands. Both of these pieces will be on display for the 2024 open studios at Filma Collective's new HQ in the Gilman.

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801 Camelia Street suite d, Berkeley, CA, USA
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