Fernando Reyes

Fernando's early career was defined by an academic style of painting, heavily dedicated to figuration and landscapes. In 2014, Reyes’ work shifted profoundly after seeing a Matisse exhibition called “The Cut-Outs” at MoMA. Reconsidering the painted compositions he had spent his career refining, he began to explore new mediums. He found that composing with paper cut-outs was a completely different way of creating and one that opened new avenues for exploration. In the subsequent years, he has integrated paper cut-outs and printmaking into his artistic practice. He allows these new mediums to work separately and flow together, expanding his visual language from representations to complete abstraction. Reyes continues to produce figurative works in abstraction focusing on the power of the figure and energy of the moment.

Fernando's creates mono-prints in abstract patterns and designs by printing from his enormous inventory of cut wood blocks. Other methods include stenciling and solid color painted rollups of oil based printmaking ink. Fernando then sources from this inventory of mono-prints when determining what particular shape he will cut using an exacto knife and collage into his art project. All other non collaged areas of his work are painted in oil. Fernando’s work is an abstracted reflection of a myriad of images that have captured his imagination for years from art movements like Mid-century modern art and Abstract Expressionism.

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Participating Weekends
Both Weekends, June 1,2,8,9, 11am - 5pm
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$100. - $12,000.
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2934 Ford Street studio 26, Oakland, CA, USA
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No wheelchair accessibility