Fernanda Studio Sept 23

Fernanda Martinez

Open Studios Hours Sat 2 & Sun 3 from 11am - 5pm

Fernanda Martínez is an Oakland based artist and founder of La Tinta Art. Through her abstract paintings and murals, Fernanda explores the relation with the environment by incorporating nature elements as themes. With an experimental and intuitive approach to her work, Fernanda’s pieces are unique statements that represent feelings of connection, expansion and growth.

Over the past years, Fernanda has exhibited her work throughout galleries; she has also collaborated with brands such as Meta, Google, Anthropologie, Lulu and Georgia, among others. Fernanda’s art and murals can be found across the Bay Area and select online platforms.

Fernanda Martinez creates colorful and expressive abstract paintings, drawn intuitively from her memories and observations of nature. Martinez sees the paintings as emerging from a joyful dialogue in which shapes and color work together to convey a sense of depth and feeling. Color plays a central role in bringing the works to life and achieving a sense of wholeness. Martinez’s most recent body of work features large scale paintings that are fluid and dynamic, evoking intimacy, expansion, growth, and life energy.

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2040 Livingston Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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