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Deborah Sibony

December 2 & 3, 10-5

The relationship between architecture and nature continues to inform my work. I am interested in how our landscapes reveal history and create a sense of place but also how it affects the human condition. What marks do we make on nature? What do we see appearing and vanishing and what remains in our consciousness?

While on walks I take photographs which I use as a starting point for an idea. Monotype printmaking is the backbone of my work however, I use a variety of mark making techniques to assimilate a progression of ideas. Litho transfers combined with ink, drawing, staining, painting and collage. While making an imprint that is primordial in its impulse, color, line and form take shape and the landscape is transformed, weathered and distilled, transporting the viewer to a place that is familiar, yet unknown.

From industrial sites which have been abandoned to transitional landscapes which are in the process of being dismantled, our landscape is in constant flux of deconstruction and construction. Structures appearing as quickly as they disappear. I am aware of the remnants and traces of human interference and try to capture the delicate balance of suspension and tension that I see in these spaces. To me they seem vulnerable and precarious, making them very much alive.

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2419 Jefferson Avenue
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French, Italian and some Spanish
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