Deb Sullivan

My pottery begins with a hand-rolled slab from local red clay. I texture each slab with my one of a kind, designed stamps and rollers. After each slab is formed into a vessel, I decorate with underglazes, washes and glaze. All cone 6 pottery is lined with glaze and is food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Picture a Venn diagram with two overlapping circles. One circle contains cups and the other, art. Where the circles overlap is where cups are art. That is where I strive to be: in that intersection where function meets art. My current body of work is inspired by California landscapes. They are simple representations that come from my childhood impressions during daily play and the celebration of the imagination that thrives in that play. I believe in the ability of handmade pottery to elevate everyday life. Surrounding ourselves with human-made objects of beauty allows for daily reflection and enjoyment.

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Participating Weekends
Weekend One, June 1 and 2, 11am - 5pm
Artwork Price Range
$10 - $250
Studio or Exhibition Space Address
3234 Fernside Blvd, Alameda, CA, USA
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