Damon Manni

My true passion lies within my hands. I have my fathers hands. It is a part of my lineage… my spirit. I spread this passion across the two crafts of Pottery and Woodworking focusing on functional wares that are eye-catching, playful and ready for everyday use.

I’ve nurtured a relationship with wood and what it means to be a Craftsman… a Woodworker. They are honest words. It’s a privileged feeling to shape it; smell it; and reveal its hidden beauty with drips of oil on a finished surface. I’m influenced by Wharton Esherick who ignored the linear and injected organic curves into his sculpted furniture. I also incorporate traditional hand tools as a nod to our colonial makers. Whether it is a custom furniture commission or a variety of Redwood Planter boxes, this honesty goes into all the pieces I make.

One day I caught a glimpse of cave art. It was a hand. The bright red iron pigment; the golden yellow ochre oxide detailing each finger… my fingers. Once again, elements were borrowed from the Earth and sprayed onto a craggy stone wall in perpetuity. Primitive, simple, raw. For me, this was the meaning of clay, of color, of pottery. I had to feel clay in my hands and begin a new relationship.

My focus is blending 19th century English Slipware technique and style, along with raw oxides and minimal glaze to create unique everyday ceramic wares.

With no discrimination, and an ability to move easily between these elements, my days are filled creating products in both mediums that are useful and elegant. Bringing these precious elements into your home and life.

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Both Weekends, June 1,2,8,9, 11am - 5pm
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355 Glendale Avenue, Oakland, CA, USA
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