Bradner Bond

My name is Bradner Bond and I've been turning wood for over 20 years. My grandfather taught me to turn - he was a master furniture maker in his spare time, and he helped me get my start on the lathe. I specialize in small, ornate turned boxes, and I use an ornamental lathe that I have modified myself for my purposes using off-the-shelf components. Work made using this type of lathe is extremely rare and highly sought-after.
When I make bowls for home use, I try to use locally-sourced timber as much as possible. Over 80% of my bowls are made with threes that come down in storms or due to natural causes, or trees that are being removed by local arborists. I love to keep these trees in the local neighborhood when they get their second life as bowls and boxes. It's an absolute joy to turn wood, and I hope you'll join me for my live demonstrations in June.

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Artwork Price Range
$25 - $500
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205 Barton Drive, Fremont, CA, USA
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Wheelchair with Support. No stairs.