Yaniv Sherman

May 13 & 14, 11am-5pm - May 20 11am-5pm - May 21 2:30pm-5pm

Photographic Prints - Small Woven Paper Sculptures - Haiku & Photograph Zines

Photographic Prints: Subject matter is primarily windows. Walking through the neighborhoods of the cities; In my mind, I start to think of stories, I think of the lives inside the buildings, I think, what makes these spaces live? With these thoughts, I look at the buildings closer and I see windows, doors, dormers, textures. I see signs of life, signs of untold stories, signs that, maybe, there is something more. Curtains closed and open, sashes up, stiles out, plants reaching for the sun, screened openings emanating sounds, stairs disappearing in the shadows, angels, books, the traces of hanging clothes, printers, desks, office chairs, bicycles, air-conditioners and boxes. All, together, revealing hints of the stories and lives within.

The woven paper sculptures are intended as temporary compositions. They are a study of the impermanence of human creation and the continuation of objects within an individual’s memory once it no longer exists. The original source of inspiration was the creation, destruction and rebirth story from the book of Genesis of the Torah.

The zines are primarily focused on sights in the city of Alameda and are intended to provoke thought regarding every day places and images. The original source of inspiration was the discovery that one of the central prayers of Judaism (Shema Yisrael) begins with a haiku.

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Frank Bette Center For the Arts, Paru Street, Alameda, CA, USA
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