Vanessa Thomas

May 13/14 and May 20/21

Vanessa Thomas is a published Floral Photographer, TEDx Speaker and Owner of Fables & Flora LLC, who has exhibited in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Originally from South Africa, she is now based in Dublin, California where she Co-Founded the Dublin Arts Collective. Her photographic work explores the vibrancy and beauty of flowers through a contemporary lens. By using digital paint effects, her images take on a dreamlike quality, blurring the boundaries between photography and painting. Through her art, Vanessa seeks to create a visual experience that is both bold and delicate, inviting the viewer to appreciate the intricate details and textures of each individual bloom. Her work celebrates the ephemeral nature of flowers, capturing their fleeting beauty and inviting the viewer to revel in their timeless elegance and vivid hues.

Location and Contact Information

Studio or Exhibition Space
The Frame Company And Art Gallery, Village Parkway, Dublin, CA, USA
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