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Sonia Gill

Open Studios Hours May 13/14, 11am - 5pm

Light is always my subject. Whether I am painting apple blossoms in my Northern California Orchard, or doing paper collage renderings of my kitchenware it is the light that attracts me. And if I am interested in the light then I am interested in the dark because they exist in definition of each other. In addition to my fascination with chiaroscuro I must admit a passion for color, form, and pattern. Exploring these visual attributes in oil, watercolor or collage keeps me very busy in my West Berkeley studio. I make paintings that I need to see, that bring comfort to my heart and that occupy my highly active mind. When I feel that I have achieved the goal of each piece of art I am ready to share it. Sometimes it is only my family that sees it or sometimes it is displayed in a gallery as far away as New York. Whomever sees it my desire is that my work brings solace and joy and enriches their emotional and visual life.

Since 1986 I have divided my time between the Bay Area and Mendocino County. Houses and studios in Berkeley and Yorkville keep me busy and provide great contrast with city vs country life. Originally from Milwaukee, I came to California from Baltimore in 1974. With a BA and an MA in French I took a big turn in another direction and entered Art School at CCAC (now CCA) in Oakland. Graduating with a BFA in painting I have been exhibiting ever since in shows, galleries, and museums from California to New York and have been fortunate to have received many awards. I continue to strive for excellence and emotional depth and am always appreciative of the opportunity to share my work.

Sonia Gill
Berkeley, February 2023

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1025 Carleton St. #6
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