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Sonia Gill

December 2 & 3, 11am - 5pm

My dishes, like the people in my life, have been collected one at a time. Each dish is unique to me and is vital to the whole collection, just as each person is vital to my life. Besides my fascination with this psychological metaphor, I am interested in their visual presence in the strong morning light and dark shadows. Still lifes, full of reflections and distortions, are carefully culled from thousands of studies. I am fascinated with the repetitive round and oval shapes and the colors and patterns in kitchen ware. With my collages I Intentionally eschew the magazines’ printed images and enjoy the creative challenge of constructing a realistic picture that often flirts with abstraction. Using images and text that are deconstructed, I recreate something radically different and slightly incongruous. While my concerns with our overwhelming social, political and environmental problems seem far from my paintings, references to these preoccupations can often be found in their titles.

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1025 Carleton Street, Berkeley, CA, USA #6
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Both the Studio and the building are accessible to all. There is a very nice bathroom available to visitors.