Sen Mendez

Participating Weekends May 20/21

Sen is a self-taught artist, working primarily in printmaking, painting and social practice. He prioritizes creating accessible and inclusive spaces to learn art for those without the resources and privileges to receive formal art education. Sen is an artist dedicated to affirming and highlighting bodies that are often made invisible in everyday life. They are known for their images of historical ancestors and celebrations of large bodies with Queer Ancestors Project in 2018-19 cohort. Sen uses visual storytelling as a way to dismantle systematic oppression among Indigenous, Black, Fat, Disabled and Transgender bodies. In 2020, Sen participated in two large street murals highlighting the importance of Black Queer and Transgender Lives. In 2021, Sen’s artwork from QAP was displayed in Montreuil, France for an exhibition called “No No Desire Desire ¾: the many faced god-dess”. Ending 2021, Sen completed their third year of teaching Y(our) Legacy Workshop - a curated printmaking course for immigrants and refugees to find relief and connect on shared narratives.

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Studio or Exhibition Space
Moments Cooperative & Community Space, 13th Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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