Corespondences with Ghosts II_Keck

Quinn Keck

Open Studios December 2 + 3

Integral to modern life is navigating existence on the grid - people, algorithms, corporations want everyone labeled and put in boxes to play the role capitalism assigned us. The machine learning algorithms that run modern life in their essence are built on data with single labels as absolutes. It can be easy to be lost in the power these societal grids hold - but we are not defined by them. My work explores the destruction and reconstruction of the grid, and the fight for self in late stage capitalism. I utilize a taxonomy of icons and layers of projections, paint, print and code to discuss layers of perception, memory and grief. My process is one of constantly iterating on new and old images, just as we all are a series of imperfect versions of ourselves improving each iteration but never fully finished.

Quinn Keck [they/them] is a multidisciplinary artist working across traditional printmaking, painting, and digital mediums to create dialogues on the human experience. Instead of portraying the physical form of people, places, and themselves, Quinn abstracts layers to discuss identity and perception. They explore the absurdity of making patterns in a chaotic world in their work. They are currently a data scientist by day and use these skills in their artistic practice through creative coding and participatory projects.

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2727 California Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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