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Norm Fisher

December 2nd and 3rd 11am to 5pm

I am a printmaker focused on abstract art, but not exclusively. Many of my current print series are an exploration of time, time expansion, or time breaking down. I try to express this in my prints by using shapes like circles, lines, or triangles. All of my work is in a wide range of colors.
I started started my training in fine arts with pottery at a Michigan Community College in 1970 and then moved on to Wayne State University for a B.A. with a emphasis in studio arts. After that I received a masters degree in psychology and worked in hospitals for over 30 years before retiring in 2013. After retiring I put my creative spirit back to work in digital printmaking at Berkeley City College and in my own studio and large format printer, since 2020.

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Studio or Exhibition Space
1150 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA, USA