Monika Mayer

May 13/14

Monika is a visual artist and educator who lives and works in Berkeley, CA. Born and raised in a rural area of Germany, she was exposed to a rich tradition of textile craft and making from a young age. The iterative design process became a second nature in her work and life. Throughout her career as an educator and museum professional, she has been supporting people at the intersection of creativity and hands-on learning.
Experimenting with texture, pattern, color, and repetitive mark-making is part of establishing her own style and visual language. Working across a broad range of mediums, she is combining various materials and techniques like painting, collage, and printing to create two- and three-dimensional work. She often incorporates traditional textile techniques in unusual ways to give her artwork additional color and bring it to life. Her approach is experimental, her creative process intuitive and iterative, often layering techniques to create organic textures and dimension.

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1851 San Antonio Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA
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