gp 33.23 18”x18”

Michael Shemchuk

Dec. 2-3 10am-5pm

My work has evolved over the last two decades, shaped directly by a close engagement with material and process. I became interested in the changes in art-making stemming from shifts in technology. My response was to re-evaluate traditional materials such as paper and paint, thus simplifying his approach to abstraction. I was inspired to further the pursuit of abstraction and design by streamlining the materials and employing process as integral to his work. The result is his Surface Tension series, which is based on an organic process involving water, paper, pressure, friction, and time and the g+p series based on working exclusively with a Gypsum + Paint medium.

In addition to art-making, I teach the principles of Abstraction by Design (AbD) to students and fellow artists via workshops and private mentoring. My experience as a teaching artist over the last seven years have inspired and deepened my appreciation for creative community and collaboration

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