Mary Witkop Coffield

December 2 & 3

I began my foray into abstract painting by translating shapes and patterns viewed under the microscope during my career as a scientist onto the canvas. As an oil painter I produce both abstract and figurative work, often rich in biomorphic imagery.
I experiment with a variety of Implements and techniques to apply paint onto large canvases. Paint may be dropped from a pipette, dripped down the canvas, or splattered with a paint brush. I use cut up credit cards for palette knives, or use my fingers or palm to apply generous amounts of paint. The results are often accidental. I manipulate this chaos to lend an element of control. I find and develop shapes forms, and lines with intentionality.
I look for beauty in chaos. My art reflects the enduring ability of the natural world to adapt and survive.

Mary Witkop Coffield lives in Oakland, California. She studied art at Merritt Community College. She has participated in numerous shows and art events in the Bay Area.

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Gallery 2727 2727 California Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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