gray bay

Marcy Sophia Voyevod

December 2 and 3

For years the question arises: what is the driving force that compels me to go back again and again to work alone in my studio. The answer, to put it as simply as I can, is that I am guided and compelled to return to this space that is a sanctuary of my own: to pick up that brush or the pen and begin. It is a subtle and subconscious thing that moves me to create. My work comes from the depths of my interior, my heart, and from the influences of the world. I paint with black india ink as a foundation for almost every project whether it’s on canvas or paper, making folded books, collage, or altars. This ink expresses the core of my own darkness, plumbs these hidden places, acts as a mirror, as a reflection. The reactions I receive from the inky, concealed, veiled, seemingly unstructured pieces, is usually given in the form of a story about what one sees. I find joy in this; these sometimes intimate conversations and how something deeply personal can connect and translate to a wide audience. This too returns me back to the alchemy of my studio.

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$30 - $2000
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806 Haight Avenue, Alameda, CA, USA
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