Luther Thie

Open Studio Hours Dec. 2-3, 11am-5pm

I am a visual artist using various media including interactive installations, speculative visualizations, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, 3D modeling and virtual environments. I explore aspects of global capitalism such as spectacle, control, helplessness, the superhuman, the post-human, the sub-human and the crisis of truth and identity. For this open studio, I will be showing mostly new sculpture using pantyhose, balloons, synthetic fur, stuffing and beans. I will also have photographs and ink drop paintings on display.

Location and Contact Information

Artwork Price Range
$50 - $1000
Studio or Exhibition Space
1214 E. 22nd St.
Accessibility Information
Studio is not accessible to wheelchair. 13 stair steps from street to studio level. 2 more steps up onto porch landing.
Languages Spoken
English (native), Spanish (conversational)
Social Info