Lupe Muller

Dec 2/3 from 11-5pm

I am often caught in the convergence of the visual realm, auditory sensations, and the vast expanse of water. Within my artistic practice, I explore the interplay between my personal battles with anxiety and perfectionism, and the serene clarity and fluidity evoked by the sensation of water.

My artistic expression serves as a narrative of impulsivity, an ongoing process of redoing and reinvention, manifested through layers of diluted paint and endless brushing. It becomes a deeply personal journey, a means for me to cultivate order and tranquility, to deliberately slow down and observe.

From my earliest memories as a child, the act of squinting my eyes to filter the overwhelming sensory experiences of a hyperactive environment has remained etched in my consciousness. Painting, in many ways, offers a similar experience—a space where I can immerse myself, find solace, and regain focus.

Location and Contact Information

Artwork Price Range
$750 - $4000
Studio or Exhibition Space
1600 Shattuck Avenue suite 126, Berkeley, CA, USA
Accessibility Information
Access through Cedar Street.
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