Artist: Lorrie Fink
Photographer: John Janca

Lorrie Fink

May 13/14 only

I will be open on May 13 and 14 only, 11am to 5pm.
Oakland artist Lorrie Fink uses the expressiveness of natural forms to investigate color and
pattern. With her studio located in her garden, she is surrounded by the bounty of nature.
Her work has been exhibited in numerous group shows, both nationally and around the SF Bay Area since 2003. She envisions a world where forests are preserved and trees and green spaces are considered essential features of urban life.

I paint silhouetted shapes inspired by ferns encountered in wilderness areas and old growth forests. By combining painterly brushwork with the graphic quality of hand-cut stencils, I build layers of marks and glazes which result in unique patterns of biomorphic shapes. With this series, I focus my awareness of environmental concerns about sustainability and stewardship, while celebrating the beauty and exuberance of our natural world.

I combine components from the natural and tech worlds to create a hybrid landscape assembled from recycled found objects. These wall hangings and freestanding sculptures are composed of discarded tree branches wrapped with thin copper telephone cable wires used to connect landlines. Instead of being tossed into a green waste bin, the branches are transformed, standing individually or combined to form larger more complex arrangements, an urban forest.

Location and Contact Information

Studio or Exhibition Space
718 Santa Ray Avenue, Oakland, CA, USA
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