Laura Malone

December 2-3

I was born into a family of artists and academics and grew up in the desert heat of Tucson Arizona. The physical and psychological dryness of my environment made me want to create work that is rich and juicy.

I paint to feel my humanity - its exquisite tenderness. I explore the body as both subject and object, to elicit a felt sense of its interiority and to know its pleasure through the act of making. Choosing themes of vulnerability, impermanence, and intimacy, I land at the juncture where beauty and sadness meet. Often, I am attempting to reconcile ideas that are in some way alienated from each other: formed and formless, sweet and terrible. Recently I began investigating the intersection of painting and sculpture, combining everyday objects with painted surfaces that are hung or molded. By juxtaposing this simultaneity of expression, I hope to penetrate a deeper truth.

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2533 Magnolia Street, Oakland, CA, USA
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